• 2018-04-03

The Fitness Curveball

Everybody knows you can't "read" your way into learning...

How to swim, ride a bike, master public speaking or become physically fit. No amount of study will ever replace the actual "doing" of that thing you want to learn how to "do".

But, when you're serious and about to dive into any pursuit, having the right mindset can be a game-changer. 

Once your mindset is shifted, everything on the outside will shift with it. 

Few know this better than Tim.

A former world class athlete and veteran of many Bull Durham style bus rides, Tim experienced many joys and heartbreaks. He has been on the rollercoaster; the dizzying ups, downs, wins and losses that go with standing on a mound, staring down professional hitters.

This one-time prospect with the New York Yankees has transformed himself into a renowned mindset expert, sharing first-hand experiences on how life's curveballs can be turned into personal fitness grand slam home runs.  

Step up to the plate for a conversation with Calgary-based author and speaker Tim Borys and discover how to hit The Fitness Curveball on this edition of The Reinvention Chronicles.   


        There may be people who have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do - and I believe that".  


P.S… With Opening Day fast-approaching, this topic from Tim Borys and The Fitness Curveball might also spark a lively debate focused on this question:

What is the best baseball movie of all-time? 

From where I sit in the movie theatre bleachers my Top 5 would be:

#1.  Moneyball (for the debate between Brad Pitt and the cranky scouts)

#2.  Bull Durham

#3.  The Natural / 42 (tied)

#4.  Eight Men Out 

#5. A League of Their Own (as Tom Hanks explained why crying is a no-no ) 

What would be the Top 5 Baseball Movies on your list? 


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