• 2019-06-25

Will You Embrace Your 'Weird'?

After meeting more than a year ago in the online world, I finally got to meet them in person last month at the scene of the crime in ‘Canada’s Most Notorious City’.

A town made famous by an international incident triggered by this dynamic duo who went to social media to defend its honor against an international threat. 

With a wildly entertaining video, these two launched a global media firestorm with millions of dollars in FREE publicity for an otherwise isolated town in the middle of nowhere.

The implications for your business, community or career 

are staggering.

Why?  Because people are now voting with their time and attention, instead of just their wallets.

Your brand can benefit from plugging into the Attention Economy, but it helps to know a few things from those who have “been there, done that”.

And, it also helps to be OK with what makes you a little “weird”.

Join me on this edition of Leaders & Legends.

          “No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story”. 



If you head over to their You Tube channel, you will see a number of entertaining videos, like this one that took dead aim at marketers who insist on clothing their companies with empty, meaningless, mission-statement b.s...



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**Big shout out to Josh Parlee at CreoVisuals for creating the video above (and all videos we produce).  If you need a video genius (we're not kidding), contact Josh here.