Build a Compelling Brand

How to Create a Compelling Brand (Without Hiring Expensive Marketers)

The 70 attendees in Saturday’s workshop in Calgary all had the same thing on their mind.

Every sharp-dressed man and each stylish woman wanted to know how to create the kind of brand most business owners dream of.

The kind of irresistible, magnetic brand that makes your telephone dance, has happy customers flocking to your door or eagerly entering their credit card information through on-line platforms.

Through the course of the 90-minute session, the message became astonishingly clear in terms of what is NOW required to generate that type of “PULL” in 2017 and beyond.

Advertising – in all of its sinister traditional forms as we know it – is dead.



Not too long after dinosaurs roamed the earth and Gutenberg invented the printing press, there was a time when monolithic newspaper empires, radio stations, television networks and the Yellow Pages held virtual monopolies on what messages got shared with which audiences and how much cash-ola you have to pony up to do that. And if the media-industrial complex wasn’t enough, there is still no shortage of ad agencies and marketing firms willing to sell you their copy writing, graphic design, photographic or music jingle expertise to help your brand generate attention.

Make no mistake, ATTENTION is the still the name of the game in order to create a PULL strategy, but the reality is that you don’t really need any outside help from so-called experts in learning How to Create a Compelling Brand as we go on a ride through Canada’s Stampede City on this edition of The Reinvention Chronicles.

“I’m out there Jerry, and I’m LOVIN’ every minute of it!”



A business that understands more than most how rapidly marketing has shifted in 2017 ranks as one of Canada’s greatest small business success stories. Based in Fredericton, N.B. the story-based branding approach taken by Jim and Dawna Gilbert has been key to generating 15-20X growth over a 10-year period. It’s one of the top shelf reasons why Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer has established itself as the largest independent used car dealer in all of Atlantic Canada.

A number of months ago Jim Gilbert and I created HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY; a monthly on-line, video-based program now available for you to plug into timeless secrets that created substantial differentiation and a long-term strategy to build brand equity.   Huggable University with Jim Gilbert

If you are curious about how an otherwise ordinary, Mom-and-Pop business, from a most unlikely category, started doubling and tripling its annual sales volume and wound up becoming a bonafide “Category of One”... this is your opportunity to develop a similar brand-building strategy for your business.




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