Keynotes - Workshops - Seminars

Our keynotes, seminars and workshops are customized to resonate in the hearts and minds of your audience and equip them with practical solutions that can be implemented immediately. Each market-proven program can be adapted to craft the ideal message to influence and inspire.

The Branding Highway

Ready For A Road Trip Like No Other?

Whether it's a Keynote with a large audience or an intimate Workshop, The Branding Highway is a High Voltage experience that follows the route of a metaphorical road trip with key milestones to help businesses of any size.  This road trip helps businesses:

  • Create a 'Category of One'
  • Turn Customers Into Advocates
  • Slash the Ad Budget
  • Establish a Brand Legacy
  • Stand Out on Social Media 

Here's what you will learn:


Discover how any brand can reinvent to boost revenues & profitability, increase market share and build shareholder equity.


Learn how to be heard above the rest of the competitive herd in such a way that distinguishes you as “one-of-a-kind”. 


Find out the real purpose that drives your website and online publishing efforts.

New Strategies

Find new strategies to harness the horsepower of online platforms and stay miles ahead on the relevance curve.


Discover a simple approach to help your brand speak P2P - Person to Person - in a way that will build connection.


Harness the ancient power of storytelling and foster a tribal customer community. 

The Reinvention Code

Need A New Direction?

In today’s warp speed, rapidly-changing world, the ability to “Reinvent” has become more of a necessity than a choice. 

THE REINVENTION CODE™ is a highly interactive presentation that helps you decipher the universal secrets of successful reinvention.

  • Whether it’s a company that needs to pivot and plot a new course.
  • A business looking at re-branding.
  • A community in need of revitalization.
  • A career path that needs a new direction.

Here's What you will learn:

Success Strategy

Learn about the #1 Success Strategy of “The Great ReInventors” and how they tilt the playing field.


Discover 4 Cornerstones of Reinvention to shift your product/service, change your customers, revamp your brand.

Limiting Factors

Identify limiting factors that stunt your growth, keep you focused on the rear view mirror and prevent you from leveraging your true potential. 

Proven Framework

Get a proven framework to ask the right questions that solve your most pressing problems. 

Secret Elixir

Learn the secret to capturing the elixir called “momentum” and become unstoppable – both personally and professionally.