Raving Fans

See what people are saying…

You scored exceptionally well, one of our highest rated speakers ever for TEC 24, 4.8 on content and a perfect 5.0 on presentation. Great Presentation and message.


Madison, WI

Loved your material and how you presented it! Vancouver executives got a really great dollop of what to do well on the way to the designers to help shape their message. I think I scribbled notes faster and in larger volumes than anyone in that room. Such an exciting topic for me. And, you delivered in terms of content, style, timing and voice tone plus personality the way it works best for me and I hope it was absorbed by the group.

Oh, I have to say my fave part was hands on. At the table. LOVED working on bringing out their stories.

Gair, thank you so much for what you shared with the group at the Burnaby Arts Centre that day in April.


Just wanted to thank you again for your amazing presentation at the IBAO convention. I enjoyed your book but hearing you speak brought you information to entirely new level. I must say my mind has been stretched to an entirely new level and it will never go back. I have new mission now from your seminar to slay the dragons of Conformity in the insurance business.

JEFF ROY, President and CEO
Excalibur Insurance Group

Gair’s strength is that he is both engaging and empathetic in a way that draws the audience into the message being delivered. The presentation was not only timely from a business perspective but of enormous value on a personal level. Gair provided us with just the perfect dose of clarity of thought that we all needed to hear and act on. Gair’s presentation was the all the talk the next morning; he has won a ton of raving fans here at Graybar Canada.

RICK FAIR, Manager of Training, Graybar Canada

Thank you for an excellent and thought provoking morning. You rank #1 on my list of speakers. I hope to book you for my new Sarasota group. I predict, because your message has power, that your current consultant delivery method will quickly become a key constraint. Today, I was proud to declare and share our Canadian heritage.

ART MCNEIL Vistage Chair

Tampa, FLA

I want to thank you for your excellent, uplifting, positive and original presentation. I know there were many useful and practical ideas that will set us apart from our competitors. It will be up to us to follow up on it . As you said, it takes 6 times to remember and form a habit.

We should probably do a follow up session in the New Year and see how well we implemented these great ideas.

La Mine D’Or Jewellers

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed your presentation. Your level of commitment to the issue of change and outcomes is wonderful. So many employees came to me after your session just so pumped and saying how you were great. Having the book handout was another bonus and was greatly appreciated by many. Many thanks for inspiring our employees.

LISE COOK, Alcool NB Liquor
Fredericton NB

What a fabulous presentation. Thank you – surpassed all my expectations. We received 100% positive feedback from the audience we spoke with.

Thanks again. We enjoyed working with you and hope we have the opportunity to do business with you again.

PAT REDL, General Manager, Community Futures Northwest

North Battleford, SK

First of all, it was a real pleasure to meet you last week! All of us in TEC really enjoyed the morning and it has us really thinking about next steps. Something a Chair always wants to see and hear from their members.


TEC Chair

Sometimes you simply need a fresh perspective to help you do the day to day “stuff” that proves to be so challenging. Gair Maxwell was quick to remind us that we all intuitively know what we should be doing; but there are elements of ourselves that refuse to act on those things. Gair, in his “Knowing – Doing GAP” presentation, also reminded us that you cannot change what you refuse to confront or are afraid of. Despite the seriousness of the topic, Gair’s presentation proved to be insightful, inspirational and also hilarious.

What a great presentation yesterday to our Apple Specialists! THANK YOU! Can’t begin to tell you how many times ideas about world-class brands were repeated over dinner afterwards. Of all the presentations it was THE topic of discussion and even at the after party, everyone was still buzzing about how great it was to travel “The Branding Highway”! THANK YOU!”

JOE SMITH, CEO Compu Craft

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Attached are the evaluations for Gair Maxwell. Almost perfect 5X5’s. Gair was great with big and small company members and both groups highly recommend Gair for any other TEC Group. Gair, thank you for your energy and knowledge transfer.


Milwaukee, WI

You sure wowed my group! With such a large crowd you scored 4.9 as an average. Thanks again for the fantastic presentation, the wonderful visit over dinner, and for the book. Have a relaxing break.


Winnipeg, MB

It was great to have you present to our combined TEC groups. I have to say that you’ve had the most impact motivating my members to take action over any other speaker. Thanks again and let’s keep in touch.


Milwaukee, WI

I recently had the privilege of having Gair Maxwell present to my KEY group.   Gair has a unique twist on Branding – with his topic “The Branding Highway”.  He has also recently presented to our in office staff to great reviews.  If you are in the need of a great speaker on Branding I would highly recommend Gair.

TRACY SHERBA, Director, Chair Operations, TEC Canada


I just want to take this opportunity to give you a sincere thank you for a great presentation yesterday. The reaction from my members and their evaluation results were outstanding. As one member said, “the best presentation on branding and marketing I have attended”. Everyone also valued your input to the issue we processed. Thanks for your contributions in that regard as well. I wish you continued success and hope that we will be able to do a return engagement at some point.


Niagara Falls, ON