How Everyday Companies Build Irresistible Brands


Have you ever wondered how certain people, companies and communities achieve legendary, larger-than-life status?  So much so that they never beg for customers, suffer for any lack of prospective opportunities and are welcomed with open arms when they walk through the door or call for an appointment.  What if any organization - big or small - could become revered as an undisputed, unrivaled, "Category of One?"  Become magnetically irresistible and generate more inbound customers and investment opportunities than they know what to do with?  

Join internationally recognized Author & Speaker Gair Maxwell for a thought-provoking, deeper dive into the timeless and universal principles that create BIG LITTLE LEGENDS.  You will see with uncommon clarity, the same attributes that entice millions of visitors to take selfies with a single painting at the Louvre in Paris, are astonishingly parallel to what inspires more than 4,000 people to queue up each day to visit a Las Vegas pawn shop.  By exposing how legends are created in the first place, Gair reveals how anyone in any business or non-profit category, can create a brand reputation that makes them so 'top-of-mind iconic', that they effectively become the "Apple, Disney or NIKE" of their competitive space.

What you will discover

5 Characteristics

The 5 Common Characteristics shared by legendary brands such as: Harvard, Harley-Davidson and Harry Potter can be adapted and replicated by any business of any size - regardless of geography, category or industry sector.


Why the impact and value of long-term vision can make you stand out and win in a short-term, attention-starved world. 


How the ancient art of story-telling germinates, shapes and creates both brand legacy and long-term business equity.

Key Ingredients

Key ingredients that make any business or personal brand legend from Lombardi to Lulu Lemon and Led Zeppelin, remarkably and disruptively different.


Why you don't have to be a huge company with deep pockets like Amazon, Google or Virgin to have a huge impact in your market. 

Digital Platforms

How new digital platforms are crushing the traditional media-industrial complex, and levelling the marketing playing field and allowing your "brand story" to be shared with legions of ambassadors,t eager to spread the message on your behalf.   

the outcome

BIG LITTLE LEGENDS challenges conventional business truisms and rejects short-sighted, bottom-line thinking that is solely focused on data-driven analytics and maximizing shareholder value.  This program dares to explore the value and practicality of purposeful, long-term thinking that allows an enterprise to flourish and endure, with healthy profitability for decades -- rather than get swallowed up in the hype and hyperactivity of an instant pudding, microwave society that worships overnight success, instant gratification and short-term results.    

Be prepared for a program that inspires a different breed of leader, company or community; one who can look beyond the immediacy of the present and see well into the future to create a business and brand of meaning and significance.


"Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there is still time to change the road you're on."  ROBERT PLANT