How Do You Create An Irresistible Brand?

In any hyper-competitive market, whoever owns an irresistible brand enjoys a massive, competitive advantage. It is true for everything; from smartphones to coffee; from beer to motorcycles. This includes the space you compete in. 

International Speaker & Author, Gair Maxwell has delivered numerous high impact keynotes and workshops; inspiring otherwise everyday people to create brands that are simply irresistible in their magnetic ability to attract the perfect customers and top talent. These are ordinary organizations that punch way above their weight class; in essence, becoming the “Apple”, “Starbucks” or “Harley-Davidson” within their own market category. 

We call them “Big Little Legends”.

The Rules of Business & Branding Have Changed ... but, Legends Always Flourish!


Building a legendary brand in our New Economy does not require that you to be a massive company or have deep pockets. 


With over one billion hours of viewership every day, YouTube has surpassed TV as the most watched format in the U.S.  Video-based stories on social platforms, such as: Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram generate 1200% more shares, than text and images combined. This avalanche of new technology allows anyone from anywhere to launch marketing snowballs that roll downhill and become unstoppable.  Armed with a vision and the right story, all possibilities are at your fingertips like never before.  Today, anyone can create an undeniable “Category of One” in much less time - without breaking the bank.   


Gair is an inspiring figure. He makes you want to get up and achieve something. As good a speaker as I’ve ever heard.

Gene Simmons - KISS

Thanks for opening my eyes and inspiring me to build a great company.  We're ready to take the market by storm.

Karen Stewart - Fairway Divorce

Gair finds out what makes brands tick and shares insights any business can use to create their own legendary brand.

Clay Hebert - Speaker

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Gair Maxwell’s riveting keynote presentations are packed with high energy, loud music, and counterintuitive concepts, allowing attendees to benefit from his many decades of 'in-the-trenches' business experience.  Scores of event planners rave about his gift for simplifying complex ideas, transforming them into easily digestible bites that any audience can implement right away.

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