The Reinvention Code



"How can you WIN in the long run if your rate of reinvention is slower than the rate of market change?"

Today's warp speed and rapidly-changing world demands the ability to "re-invent", which in reality has become more of a necessity than a choice.  In this riveting, highly interactive presentation, International Speaker & Author Gair Maxwell, reveals universal secrets to successful reinvention; whether it's an established company that needs to pivot and plot a new course, a business looking to re-position and re-brand, or a community that needs to inspire renewal while battling evil forces of protectionism, blame, and bureaucracy.

With an experiential, multi-media approach, Gair will divulge secrets and stories you've never heard … and will never forget. You will discover common patterns identified by a Depression-era Austrian economist who breaks down what separated Kodak, Sears and Blockbuster, from:  Apple, Amazon & Netflix and how to avoid a similar fate.  Drawing on insights that range from the famed Pony Express to Henry Ford, the D-Day landings, the rock band KISS and the Moneyball era Oakland A's, THE REINVENTION CODE™ inspires people and organizations to fashion a new future; liberated from the past. 



The #1 success strategy of "The Great Reinventors" and how clarity of vision trumps technology, tilts the playing field and helps you enjoy an unfair advantage.


4 Cornerstones of Reinvention as it applies to innovating your product/service mix, entering new markets, altering your brand or transforming your self-image.


A practical framework to unleash the power of inquiry to ask the right questions that identify and focus on solving real problems - not the distractions. 


How to "re-purpose the proven" and apply time-tested lessons from the world's most innovative, customer-focused organizations. 


Why a start-up, streetfighter' mentality characterized by scrappiness, determination and resilience is essential to building a culture of fresh thinking and new ideas


5 Strategies to Win for any Business Model - now and in the future. 


With contagious enthusiasm, Gair draws on deeply personal experiences and a mountain of first-hand research to help you see how small ideas... can trigger massive breakthroughs and create epic possibilities!  Once the 'conference smoke' clears and the emotional dust settles, you will have unusual clarity about what is on your horizon for the next decade.  You will see the Road to Reinvention for what it really is, making  the journey that much easier by utilizing the unyielding, universal principles to pay attention to (and what to avoid).   As you consistently make positive choices that multiply week by week, year-by-year, you will disrupt traditional industries, change consumer behavior, alter economics, and transform lives. 

If you believe the ability, capacity and willingness to reinvent has become THE critical business and personal development issue of our time… If you believe that now more than ever, people and organizations face a simple choice to. 'Be Relevant or Be Relegated' …  and if you believe we all need to 'Disrupt, or face being Disrupted', THE REINVENTION CODE is the ideal program to give status quo a swift kick to the curb and kick start creativity, momentum and original thinking in times of rapid change.

I was at your at Cardel Theatre and was very inspired by your message and know many clients who would also be inspired. I have been asking clients for years "what is strategy that REALLY drives your business", only to get blank stares in response. Your research and techniques would have been so helpful.

Pete Baran

Gair’s session on “The Reinvention Code” challenged our group to think differently – to do something that our competitors wouldn’t do. Gair’s ability to read the audience, engage the entire group and challenge them individually is fantastic. If you’re looking for real-life learning – you have to experience Gair.  And that’s what it is…experience.

Stewart Pollard

“This session really caused our Vistage members to think hard about what business they are really in and for many this was a real eye-opening wake-up call. If you’re of a mind to observe and get a leg up on your competition who may be sleeping, THE REINVENTION CODE offers both hope and a strategy”.

Lonnie Martin


Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the freight train of the future to run over him.